Cuisines Steam to Conquer the Modular
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“We had a need to rethink the space with complete freedom,” says Brigitte, and a crazy desire to deconstruct our way of imagining the kitchen for the past several years. With coquo we are breaking the rules that define the kitchen to let magic happen with our concept.”

Coquo, meaning I cook in Latin, offers versatile, timeless kitchen furniture, designed so that the pieces can be recycled in their function and in another room of the house.

In contrast to the rise of the ephemeral and the disposable, coquo aims for a clientele that is passionate, sensitive to the environment, to design, to the homemade and to traditions, and is in search of a better quality of life. Made in Montreal, from durable materials such as solid wood and steel, using traditional woodworking techniques, coquo furniture is synonymous with simplicity, versatility and durability.

“All our modules and collections are compatible and can be mixed so that you can create your own layout… To choose coquo is to distinguish oneself, it is investing in the long term with materials that defy time. It is also an opportunity to make room for beauty and warmth in the heart of your home,” adds Brigitte.

Selected for the fourth edition of Passport PME, coquo benefits from the program’s support for the export of its products abroad. “In addition to rethinking the kitchen, we also reflected on our distribution approach,” adds Jean. “In a few months, coquo modules will be available for purchase online across North America, from Cape Spear to San Diego.”

To mark the launch, coquo will set up shop at the Edb Pop-up in Old Montreal from November 10 to December 29, 2017.

“We wanted to do something different to showcase coquo and the idea of ​​a space that is transformed and renewed over time inspired us … evolution and personalization are an integral part of our concept so the Pop-up shop seemed to be the perfect place to unveil coquo to Montrealers!”

“We are fortunate to be able to share this space with My and Thien Ta Trung of the élement de base company. It is also a dream come true for us to work with Annie Horth and Nathalie Bouchard of Creative Flats, to whom we entrusted the interior design of the space,” concludes Brigitte.

Coquo kitchen modules are now displayed, allowing visitors to discover the interior fitting possibilities of these furnishings and their application in other contexts.