WETSTYLE Launches a Series of Three New Bathtubs
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“Aiming for a modern look that will never go out of style, we developed this series of bathtubs to answer the demands of the consumer’s varying needs,” says Mark Wolinsky, President of WETSTYLE. “Whether working with a small or large space, old or new home, these tubs will integrate seamlessly. With the addition of Cloud, Straight, and Wave, we hope to inspire consumers to pursue innovative tub shapes and realize that bespoke luxury is not out of their reach.”

Cloud: The 62-inch Cloud bath lives somewhere between the past and present; its flared shape evokes a vintage feel, while its flowing lines and solidity are rooted in the contemporary, making it the perfect match for transitional tastes. A gently curved base gives this bathtub a distinctive style; while a simple rounded base can be substituted for a more traditional look.

Straight: A slightly smaller option at 59 inches long, Straight’s dimensions are ideal for more compact footprints and its rectangular, contemporary look, softened by its curves, lends an elegant feel to today’s bathroom. The bathtub’s subtly inset base adds an extra touch of refinement. The Straight bath evokes simplicity, softness, and purity, thanks to its sleek lines and rounded edges. Together, these elements create a sensation of lightness, as if Straight was born to become one with its surroundings.

Wave: The smallest of the three new offerings, Wave is less than 58 inches long and can easily fit in standard bathrooms measuring 5 x 8 feet. The Wave bath is a freestanding model that reflects the movement of the ocean and blends harmoniously with any bathroom; its unique form adds a sense of style, softness, and originality to the room. Comfort remains paramount, thanks to the high-back design of the tub, making it perfect for reading or relaxing.

Each bathtub is handcrafted from WETSTYLE’s award-winning composite material, WETMAR BiO™, an eco-friendly, thermo-insulating material made primarily from a mix of soy and mineral stone. WETMAR BiO™ is an exceptionally strong material that is both non-porous and slip resistant. WETSTYLE offers its bathtubs in a True High Gloss™ or Matte white finish, with new overflow and drain finishes that include Satin Brass, Matte Black, or No Trim. Customers can also opt for a more traditional look in Polished Chrome or Brushed Nickel.