TURBO Unveils Built-in Two-zone Hobs Suitable for Small Kitchens in BTO Flats
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TURBO Italia has launched two brand-new built-in hobs that are a boon for new BTO owners. Both under the IMMAGINARIO series, the TM29 is a ceramic hob and the TIM29 an induction hob. Both hobs are two zone, and hence are compact and can fit into small kitchens typically found in BTO flats. Clean-up is also a cinch, as just a wipe of the surface can remove any grease or crumbs, making them perfect for busy homeowners.

The TM29 comes with nine-stage power setting. It is made with premium SCHOTT Ceran glass, and boasts nifty features such as front-touch control with lateral side frame; automatic safety switch off; residual heat indicators and a safety lock. The TIM29 is made with premium SCHOTT Ceran glass; front touch control; timer; residual heat indicator; automatic stop; and child lock. It comes with a 13Amp power supply, and hence is compatible with all households' power points — many hobs in the market have a 15Amp power supply, which requires the homeowners to make adjustments to their power points.

The TM29 and TIM29 retail at S$558 and $798 respectively. They are available at all major departmental stores in Singapore including Audio House, Courts, Best Electric, Harvey Norman, CityGas and electrical, gas and sanitary shops amongst others.