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IoT Fuels Next-Gen Law Enforcement

Investments in equipment and services related to the internet of things by the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice have tripled over the past six years, contributing a $600 million smart security industry, a new study finds. Spending on cloud services, which underpin IoT technologies, is only expected to continue to climb as companies like Amazon and Google increasingly invest in the federal space.

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Why Security Must Become Part of the IoT Design Process

For all the talk about how the Internet of Things is the wave of the future, the fact is that the future is here. The IoT is now a part of our everyday lives, and is only continuing to grow and advance.

The simple fact that there are so many connected devices now — the average home has about seven connected devices operating each day, while the most connected families have 15 or more devices — has made the IoT an attractive target for hackers. No longer do we only have to worry about computers, tablets, and mobile phones, but we also need to be concerned about the security of televisions, refrigerators, smart hubs, and more.

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CBP Reports Advances in Biometrics

Customs and Border Protection may be in the final lap in a long-running effort to develop a workable solution to biometrically verify the identity of travelers when they arrive and depart from U.S. airports, a top agency official told Congress.

The Department of Homeland Security has been searching for years for ways to implement a biometric entry/exit system to verify the identities of foreign travelers moving through U.S. airports.

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Personalising Energy Security With Robust Analytics

Recent security concerns surrounding WannaCry ransomware are all the more relevant to prosumers because they might be connected to utilities in terms of both a supply and demand. Suppose a prosumer sells excess power back to the local utility for wind turbines or solar panels, for example. This special connectivity to the power grid could make the technology that runs renewable energy transmissions even more susceptible to debilitating ransomware attacks.

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Dahua Technology Opens a Subsidiary in Sofia, Bulgaria

Dahua’s Bulgarian office will be the first Dahua office in the Balkans and will be responsible for activities regarding sales, marketing and other services within the region

Dahua Technology, a leading security solution provider in global security industry, is establishing an office in Sofia, Bulgaria at the beginning of June, 2017. Headquartered in China, Dahua is planning to offer all its security solutions and services to Bulgarian market. This will be the first Dahua office in the Balkans and all future activities within the region will be managed from here.

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International Academia Visit to Dahua Technology

On the afternoon of May 9th, 2017, a group of distinguished guests from Belarusian State University and Zhejiang Shuren University visited Dahua technology, to gain in-depth understanding of Dahua’s engineering establishment and seek cooperation with Dahua. Mr. Michael Chen, Dahua Vice President, General Manager of Overseas Business, hosted the reception.

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Rare Picasso Exhibit Secured by Milestone Video

Milestone XProtect, the leading open platform IP video management software (VMS), was selected to provide a 24-hour video security solution to protect a unique Pablo Picasso exhibit at the Tomie Ohtake Institute in São Paulo, Brazil.

The Tomie Ohtake Institute covers 2,300 square meters, divided into seven gallery areas. For the Picasso exhibit, two large galleries measuring 300 square meters each were used. According to the systems integrator, the security objective for the Picasso exhibit was to make sure that there were no surveillance camera blind spots of the exhibit space.

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Singapore Welcomes a RoboCop Car Equipped With its Own Drone

It looks as if nearly every country around the world will soon have its own robot police officer. In Singapore, things are a bit different. Their RoboCop car is quite interesting to note. A robotic security car is not something we see all that often. However, do not underestimate this vehicle, as it is armed with a drone capable of chasing suspects.

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How Real are the IoT Security Concerns?

While there are real consequences for neglecting IoT security, it’s a mistake to feel as though nothing can be done about it. Users, network administrators and developers alike can take steps to make sure their assets are protected in the age of the IoT.

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Lighthouse is a Smart Security Camera That Can Recognize Visitors and Even Interact

Security cameras nowadays provide users with information regarding movement and sound, but can never really tell who the person is. With the Lighthouse security camera, users will now be able to know who actually is present in the vicinity of the camera, thanks to the device’s own ID-proofing techniques.